Adobe Acrobat DC Pro 15.020.20042 – Powerful PDF editor.

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    $ 14.99
    Version: 15.020.20042
    Updated: November 03, 2016
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    OS X 10.9 or later, 64-bit processor
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    Pass: osxvn

    Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is a program designed for creating and working with PDF documents. The latest version of the program supports versions all versions to format X-5. Adobe Acrobat DC allows to create, merge, modify, and control documents in PDF format. Adobe PDF documents retain the exact look and feel of the original content, along with their fonts and graphics and media elements.
    • Print to PDF
    • Scan to PDF.
    • Convert PDF files to Word.
    • Convert PDF files to Excel.
    • Convert PDF files to PowerPoint.
    • Create interactive PDF files.
    • Convert Word, Excel, or PowerPoint to PDF.
    Know the software
    This software lets the user to create PDF documents from any application with easy to print facility. Thus, it is possible to generate PDF files from your documents, Office, Outlook, Internet Explorer, publisher, Access, AutoCAD, Lotus Notes, etc. through a virtual printer. Its new interface of the software offers the facilities to make changes in texts, images and other actions avoid the time-consuming repetitive steps.

    Adobe Acrobat Pro How it works?
    You also have the possibility of registering a new PDF project in the form of editable and customizable PowerPoint presentation. Finally, Adobe Acrobat DC offers features specifically dedicated to the creation of Web forms, with customizable templates and “Adobe Forms Central” application. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC offers business groups to create professional quality PDF communications. The application is now moving towards collaborative work. Thus, you can collaborate with your colleagues, customers and partners under electronic revisions, using PDF fillable forms and other amenities online. Acrobat manages the portfolios with layout pages and Visual themes for a wide range of file storage. Accepted formats are JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIF and PDF. The file must be no larger than 3 MB.

    The validity of the trial version of the program is limited for 30 days. Like all Adobe programs, a trial version of Acrobat can be downloaded from the manufacturer website after performing a free registration.
    Version 15.020.20042
    Bug Fixes
    • Unable to use certificates stored in keychain to Digitally Sign document on MAC 10.11.6.
    • A Grey Screen/Page on opening PDFs in IE often from Web applications.
    • Black streaks on document when printed.
    • Attach to email stopped working after updating Acrobat to October Release.
    • Unable to convert email to pdf using PDFMaker in Outlook 2007.
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