Analog 2.0 - Improve your photos with filters and borders.

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    • Updated: Jun 24, 2016
    • Version: 2.0
    • Language: English
    • Seller: Thaer Ali
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    OS X El Capitan and Retina-Ready

    Analog makes it easy to improve your photos with a stunning selection of filters and borders.

    We built Analog to make it as fun and easy as possible to give your digital photos some soul. Drag in a photo, browse through filters and borders and start processing. There’s 35 built-in filters, and over a dozen stylish borders to make your photos look amazing. Analog even makes sure that effects such as light-leaks have some natural variation - so no two photos look alike!

    When you’re ready to share the finished image, Analog lets you send it to all your favourite services (Facebook, Tumblr, Picasa and Flickr, CloudApp) with just two-clicks.


    - OS X El Capitan and Retina-Ready
    - 35 Amazing Filters, including classic camera ‘looks’
    - 15 Borders
    - Round-Tripping - send your photos from Aperture and iPhoto to Analog, and save them back to your library
    - Image Cropping
    - Image Rotation
    - Publish to Tumblr, Facebook, Picasa, CloudApp and Flickr

    Got questions or feedback? Give @AnalogCamera a shout on Twitter or Like Analog on Facebook -

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    Version 2.0
    Optimized for El Capitan

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