Apple Configurator 2.0 beta 4 (build 3A207)

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    Version: 2.0 pre-release Build: 3A207
    Type: Utilities
    Date: 21/07/2015
    Platform: Intel only
    Language: English-only / English only
    System requirements:- OS X 10.11 beta, 64-bit processor- IOS 7 or later

    Apple Configurator 2.0 beta allows anyone in the Mac environment OS X 10.11 beta easy to perform mass configuration and use iPhone, iPad and iPod touch in the educational institutions, enterprises and organizations.Three simple process to help prepare new iOS devices for immediate distribution, observe the work of the devices on which you want to maintain a standard configuration, and assign devices to users. Quickly update multiple devices to the latest version of iOS simultaneously, configure the device and install the programs and data to students, employees and customers.Utility Apple Configurator 2.0 beta can be used by large organizations and enterprises to set up new devices, installation and implementation of corporate programs for each device management solutions for mobile devices, IT-administrator.The program is indispensable for use in the classroom or student lab where devices need to be updated quickly andactualized the correct settings, approved policies and programs and data.Utility Apple Configurator 2.0 beta can also be used to personalize devices with data and documents for specific users.

    Completely new device- and task-centered UI

    Your connected iOS devices are brought front and center in a beautiful new UI that allows you to select specific devices and run just the commands that you wish to run.

    Install and update apps directly from the App Store

    Configurator 2 now supports the entire app handling process, including showing you your purchased apps, notifying you when updates are available, and downloading apps directly from the App Store. iTunes is no longer required. All you need to do is sign in with your personal iTunes Store Apple ID or your VPP account credentials and Configurator will take care of the rest. Personal apps installed by Configurator 2 will only run if the matching iTunes Store Apple ID is configured on the devices.

    Blueprints and rich automation support

    Configurator 2 provides a complete and powerful set of automation options including blueprints, Automator actions, an AppleScript library, and a UNIX command line tool.

    iCloud support for syncing configuration profiles and settings between Macs

    Configurator 2 allows you to save all of your Configuration Profiles in iCloud Drive for easy synchronization between multiple Configurator stations.

    Export and import supervising organizations

    Configurator 2 supports multiple supervision identities with easy exporting and importing the identities to enable simplified sharing between stations.

    Works with DEP devices and great companion to an MDM server

    With Automated Enrollment, DEP devices can be enrolled in MDM and fully configured without a user responding tapping on any Setup Assistant panes. In addition, you can define multiple MDM servers to use for enrolling devices with Configurator’s ‘Prepare’ command.

    Offline Mode

    Configurator can now be used for any function that does not inherently require network connectivity (e.g. downloading an iOS update or app from the App Store will clearly not work without a network) when your Mac does not have a connection to the internet.

    Training devices:
    • configure the device at the same time;
    • update the device to the latest version of iOS;
    • create and restore backups of your settings and data programs, and transfer them from one device to another;
    • import programs Apple Configurator and sync them to new devices *;
    • create and install new iOS configuration profiles using the built-in editor;
    • the recording device in the mobile device management for remote management.
    Control devices:
    • combine controlled device user groups;
    • automatically apply the configuration of managed devices;
    • quickly re-apply the configuration to the controlled device and delete the previous user data;
    • import programs Apple Configurator and sync them to the controlled device *;
    • Install and use uniform or consistent names on all devices;
    • limit-controlled device synchronization with other computers.
    Assigning devices:
    • Add users and groups manually or use an automatic filling using the Open Directory or Active Directory.
    • Give the user device and restore user settings and data on these devices.
    • Take your device from the user and back up your data on them for future use, including the possibility of their use on other devices.
    • Use any text, wallpaper, or custom images for use on the device screen is locked.
    • Import and export documents to transfer information from a Mac to Apple Configurator and back.
    • Synchronize documents between designated devices and Apple Configurator.
    To install the paid programs from the App Store requires the codes generated by the program for the wholesale purchase of education or business.
    This program is not available in all regions.

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