CleanMyMac 3.7.2 - Delete files that waste your disk space.

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    Year: 28 Jan 2017
    Version: 3.7.2
    Developer: Please login or register to view links
    Platform: Intel
    System Requirements:
    • Intel, 64 bit processor
    • OS X 10.9 or later
    Language: English
    Link download: Please login or register to view links
    Password: Please login or register to view links

    CleanMyMac 3 - A program to clean Mac
    Clean, optimize, and maintain your new Mac with CleanMyMac 3. It checks every corner of your system, remove gigabytes of garbage in two mouse clicks, and monitors the status of your Mac.

    CleanMyMac allows you to get rid of various garbage on your Mac: Caches programs, log files, unnecessary localization programs and other extra code. All data visually sorted into different categories, which makes it possible to clearly assess where you can win a couple of hundred megabytes, and make the appropriate treatment. Among other features CleanMyMac is necessary to note: remove programs with all their service files, secure file deletion, search and delete widgets, optimization of the system.

    CleanMyMac has a nice interface that will not leave anyone indifferent. All done in a standard Mac OS: beautiful, comfortable and affordable ..

    Version 3.7.2:
    • All known crashes and exceptions fixed.
    • The Large & Old Files module now works with your iTunes and Photos to help reveal more forgotten stuff you don’t need;
    • Introduced Document Versions cleanup as part of System Junk. This will help you remove outdated intermediate versions of documents you worked on;
    • Touch Bar support for all new MacBook Pros;
    • Added a number of usability and layout improvements.

    screen-2.png screen-3.jpg screen-4.jpg screen-5.png

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