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  1. Terminal

    Terminal  /sh-3.2# Thành viên BQT

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    24 Tháng tư 2015
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    Year: 23/03/2016
    Version: 3.0.4
    Developer: Please login or register to view links
    Platform: Intel Only
    System Requirements:
    • Intel, 64 bit processor
    •OS X 10.9.5 or later
    Language: English
    Link download: Please login or register to view links
    Price: 49,99$
    Password download and extract (if have): osxvn

    Hướng dẫn cài đặt:

    1. Chép vào /Application
    2. Mở ứng dụng và làm theo hướng dẫn.
    3. Menu Hands Off ---> Register--> Nhập bất kì kí tự hay số nào bạn thích. Không update online.

    This functional and easy to use tool for OS X platforms can be used to monitor the activity of applications that can establish a connection to the Internet. Thanks to Please login or register to view links user will be able to timely detect signs of malicious or potentially dangerous activities, to eliminate the possibility of leakage of confidential data and prevent malicious programs to a personal computer.The list of key features of the application includes the ability to block incoming and outgoing connections at the level of individual applications, the prohibition elements cookies, as well as the management operations of reading and writing files. The last of these features is one of the most requested features Hands Off !. For example, in order to avoid damage or loss of critical information, the user can disable a specific program to make changes to the data on the hard drive.Please login or register to view links keeps users up to date and report any violations detected by a detailed notification and allows the creation of global rules, applicable to all system users

    Enabled up to 10.11.4

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