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    iBackupBot the Browse, the view, the export and modify the backup files is the iTunes

    Version :: 5.4.2
    Release Date :: 09/18/2016
    Developer :: Please login or register to view links
    Platform :: Intel, Please login or register to view links
    System Requirements :: OS X 10.6 and higher Other :: the iTunes 8.0 or later
    Language :: English
    Active :: patch Special [K]
    Link download iBackupBot 5.4.2: Please login or register to view links | Please login or register to view links

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    It is well known to any user of iOS-devices: the basic program to work with the device for your computer - it's iTunes. Through it, you can install applications to sync books, music, photos and other media files. Also, iTunes provides another great option -. BackupsThey allow you to save all data on the iPhone or iPad, and restore them to the new device. However, through iTunes, you can not produce these "backup" no action, except for the creation, recovery or disposal. It is for the files "backups" is iBackupBot program.When you run the program, you will immediately see a window with a list of available backups, as well as connected ustroystv.Pri choosing file you will immediately see information about the device, and you can also view a list of files that are in the backup.All files are divided into user (contacts, messages, call history, calendar, notes, recent Email addresses, as well as history and bookmarks in Safari), and multimedia files (photos, videos, voice notes, etc.).List file is interactive, so that when you click on one of the options you will instantly see files in a given kategorii.Obratite note that the function keys all data can be stored on a computer in a convenient format, or write to the connected device.The next category of files - stored data applications. That is, documents, photographs and t.p.Teper you can easily restore the document, the work in a text editor or progress in any game. Folders with data applications can move from one to another using the backup options, Export and Import.Also iBackupBot program allows you to edit the system program files, but doing it is only with a clear understanding of the changes.In general iBackupBot proved an excellent tool for working with backups iOS- devices with a simple and intuitive interface.

    What's new in 5.4.2
    • New in 5.4.2
    • 7 Compatible with iPhone / iPhone 7 Plus.
    • Bug fixed: edit plist file in list view mode.
    Screen Shot 2016-10-23 at 01.07.17.png ba97042c75c4140a.png
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