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    Troc Phan Calling me Trọc Phan Thành viên BQT

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    • Updated: Oct 27, 2016
    • Version: 8.0.5
    • Language: English
    • Seller: Appersian
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    Do you want to include all of your app icons at the correct sizes without having to resize every single one manually? Are you tired of confusing apps?

    IconKit brings you a great new experience of icon generator for developers and designers, just drag your image into IconKit to start.

    • Export icons for iOS, watchOS, CarPlay, iMessage and macOS applications.
    • Support for Android mipmap and drawable icon sets.
    • Preview your icons before export.
    • Tired of assigning every single icon in Xcode? Generate AppIcon.appiconset including properly formatted JSON file for Asset Catalogs.
    • Reduction of @2x or @3x icons to 1x scale factor with a tiny tool called ScaleReducer right on your status bar.

    Watch in action:

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    Version 8.0.5
    Critical bug fix with the Round Icons option
    Watch in action:

    screen800x500-0.jpeg screen800x500-1.jpeg screen800x500-2.jpeg screen800x500-3.jpeg
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