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    iMazing - It's more than iTunes. It iMazing.
    Updated : 10/18/2016
    Version : 2.0.8
    Developer : Please login or register to view links
    The platform : the Intel, 64-bit processor
    System requirements : Mac OS X 10.7+, Compatible with iOS 10
    Language :. Russian, English, etc.
    Tablet : the K 'ed by TNT
    Link download iMazing 2.0.8 Lastest: Please login or register to view links |

    Description :
    iMazing - Manage your iPhone.
    Proven tools for the transmission and preservation of music, messages, files and data. Back up for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Powerful and easy-to-learn, iMazing -. The best software to manage devices on iOS for Mac Transfer data to the new iPhone 7 Quickly transfer your data to a new iPhone. You can copy all or select the content you want to transfer without using iCloud or iTunes. Feel free to copy music between iPhone, iPad, iPod and computer. ITunes Sync is no longer required. Export photos and videos without iCloud or iTunes. Save your favorite moments on your Mac Enhanced backup features Keep iPhone and iPad data thanks to the unique technology. With iMazing you can safely create a backup of your device even over a wireless network. Keep your data safe on a Mac with a unique backup technology iMazing. You retain control over the redundant copies of the iPhone and the iPad safely and confidentially. Keep important messages Save, export, and print from your iPhone messages. Text messages, MMS, iMessages and attachments can be saved with the help of iMazing. Move files and folders between your iPhone or iPad and a computer. Just copy all contacts between iPhone and Mac. Back up and restore application data, such as the progress of the game, and customize documents. You get access to voicemail, call history, voice memo and iPhone notes.

    Improvements and Fixes Bug in 2.0.8
    • 10.1 of iOS support
    • Apps,: the fixed .ipa from the export of iOS 7 and 8 devices directory
    • Backups: handling of a case where clause the iTunes the backup is corrupted ( "of Manifest Invalid" error)
    • Backups: a symlink in the default the backup location will now be migrated to iMazing 2's new the backup location the management system only once recording, SO That power the users CAN the re-the create the a symlink the if for They need to this content share a custom the backup location the with the iTunes
    • the Backup archiving: iMazing now! Just Warns the before archiving the backup the if encryption the status has changed
    • the Backup archiving: better size bed Calculations of the backup archives in edge of the cases
    • the Backup browsing the: the fixed the UI glitch resulting in this photos not being of displayed the when switching Between archives the multiple times
    • the Backup editing: the fixed Adding files is to a the backup crash (the Win)
    • the Backup extractor: support for extracting large files is (> 1GB) from encrypted backups
    • the Backup location the: full path of custom location the is now! Just displayed in the the backup location the wizard
    • the Contacts: the fixed of rare crash in the Contacts the view
    • the Sidebar: the ctrl-the click on device now! Just works expected as with
    • Minor stability fixes and Improvements​
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