Intensify CK Pro 2016 - Reveal the hidden beauty of the photos you take.

Thảo luận trong 'Đồ Họa - Thiết Kế' bắt đầu bởi Troc Phan, 18 Tháng mười 2016.

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  1. Troc Phan

    Troc Phan Calling me Trọc Phan Thành viên BQT

    Tham gia ngày:
    25 Tháng năm 2015
    Bài viết:
    Đã được thích:
    Điểm thành tích:
    Giới tính:
    Nghề nghiệp:
    Sinh Viên
    Nơi ở:
    Tây Sơn - Bình Định
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    • Updated: 27-Oct-2015
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    • Languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish
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    30% OFF today. You can now use Intensify as Photos extension in El Capitan.
    Intensify brings powerful tools and creative presets, that turn everyday images into stunning masterpieces. Reveal the hidden beauty without extra efforts and create beautiful photos: from HDR to dramatic black and white.

    "Best of App Store" + over 20 other software awards.

    Dramatically enhance even the most ordinary photos:
    - Flawless Detail Enchacement: no haloes on edges, no extra noise in most cases
    - Unique Pro Contrast adjustments make your photos pop
    - Powerful Structure adjustments for impressive dramatic results
    - Smart Sharpness: get clear and sharp images without noise
    - Powerful layers & masking
    - 16-bit image processing with RAW files support
    - Presets developed by Pro photographers
    - Full support of the latest OS X developments
    - Works as a standalone software & Photos extension

    A wide variety of image tuning features allow you to finish your masterpieces with perfection before you share them on popular social networks or export them to Apple® iPhoto®, Apple® Aperture®, Adobe® Lightroom® or Adobe® Photoshop®.

    Apply Pro Contrast, Structure, Detail, and Micro Sharpness across highlight, midtone and shadow tonal ranges to add drama to every photo

    Use scores of included presets for a one-click solution to achieve great results or to begin your creative exploration

    Gain the ultimate in creative flexibility by using multiple layers to stack effects and control masked areas

    Create, save and share user definable presets of your favorite looks with others

    Selectively enhance images with custom brushes that allow you to easily apply or take away detail only where needed

    Quickly arrive at an ideal starting point for more detailed work using controls such as Color Temperature, Exposure, Shadow Recovery, Saturation and more. Finish your great image with features such as Vignettes and Opacity

    Work faster and smarter with a fine-tuned user interface and streamlined workflow. Intensify™ includes native RAW processing and a 16-bit image processing engine for the highest quality

    Share your images to popular social networks from within the app, including Facebook and Twitter

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    Version 1.2.3:
    This update fixes a number of bugs reported by our users.

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