iTools Pro 1.6.9 - Quản lý file cài đặt sao lưu ứng dụng với iDevice

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    Version: iTools the Pro 1.6.9
    Update: 2016-05-23
    Developer: © ThinkSky
    Support equipment: iPhone/iPad/iTouch
    Support system: OS X 10.8 or later
    Language: English
    Tablet: Not required
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    You can not understand and find a common language with iTunes ..? Think iTunes misunderstanding ..?
    ITools the Pro program will perform all the same actions with your iPad or iPhone, as iTunes, only it will all be much easier, clearer and more pleasant. Moreover, by using iTools, you can do with your mobile device a lot of things such that in principle are not available in the official Apple iTunes. With the various windows in the application you can easily manage your photos, music, and applications - to transfer them to your the Mac, delete and rename. Of course, you can also evaluate the overall device to check how much space is occupied or remains free. Available in version Pro:

    • Device Information
    • Apps, Photos, Music, Movies, Tones, Books, Contacts, Files Management, LiveDesktop Basic functions
    • Applications Document Management
    • Photo Slideshow
    • Music, Movies, Tone format conversion
    • Music playlists, ID3 edit
    • Ringtone Maker
    • Contacts Edit
    • Airplayer
    • System log

    Technical data Version Pro:
    What's New

    • Resolves LiveDesktop memory surge leads to computer stuck.

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