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    Little Snitch - Alerts you about outgoing network connections.
    Version: 3.6.3 (4362)
    Date: Jan 30, 2016
    Languages: Multiple languages
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    © 2015 Objective Development Software GmbH
    • Intel, 64-bit processor
    • OS X 10.8 or later
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    S/N Little Snitch: 33R7LM0U00-715JZ-95RYHBCFTU
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    1- Download Little Snitch and find it in my downloads folder.
    2- Drag the dmg to the desktop.
    3- Open it and copy the license to any text file(you will need it for later)
    4- Click Little snitch installer if you have any other version. IF this is a clean install don’t click it. Your computer will restart. Open the dmg again.
    5- Click Little snitch installer and follow the installation process. When it finished restart your pc.
    6- Open little snitch app and use the license key to register the app.
    7- That’s all. Enjoy

    Little Snitch gives you control over your private outgoing data.
    As soon as your computer connects to the Internet, applications often have permission to send any information wherever they need to. Little Snitch takes note of this activity and allows you to decide for yourself what happens with this data.

    Choose to allow or deny connections, or define a rule how to handle similar, future connection attempts. Little Snitch runs inconspicuously in the background and it can even detect network-related activity of viruses, trojans, and other malware.

    As soon as you’re connected to the Internet, applications can potentially send whatever information they want to wherever they want. Sometimes they do this for good reason, on your explicit request. But often they don’t.

    Little Snitch intercepts these unwanted connection attempts,
    and lets you decide how to proceed.

    Take a look under the hood to see at a glance who talks to whom. The Little Snitch Network Monitor raises the bar of network traffic monitoring to an entirely new level. The realtime diagram provides fine grained traffic information, combined with powerful yet simple options for analyzing bandwidth, traffic totals, connectivity status and much more.

    Whenever an application attempts to connect to a server on the Internet, Little Snitch shows a connection alert, allowing you to decide whether to allow or deny the connection. Your decision gets stored as a rule which will automatically be applied to future, similar connection attempts from the same application.

    Rules can be arranged in different profiles like “Home”, “Office” or “Mobile Internet”. This allows you to use different sets of filter rules depending on the network you are currently connected to.

    Profiles can be activated either manually from the status menu, or automatically, whenever you join a network that’s associated with one of your profiles.

    Little Snitch not only reveals any outgoing network connection attempt to make sure that sensitive data doesn’t leave your computer without your consent. The inbound firewall in Little Snitch provides you with the same level of control for incoming connections.
    Release Notes
    Jan 30, 2016
    Little Snitch 3.6.3 (4362)
    • Fixed a bug causing Little Snitch Uninstaller to crash.
    Jan 28, 2016
    Little Snitch 3.6.2 (4360)
    • Fixed an incompatibility of the Little Snitch Installer with some older OS X versions.
    • Fixed a memory leak in Little Snitch Configuration.
    • Fixed a crash in Little Snitch Configuration that could occur when creating a Diagnostics Report.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause the Connection Alert to become unresponsive to user interaction.
    • Fixed a rare issue that could cause a kernel panic.
    • Improved Installer to reliably terminate Little Snitch Configuration during installation.
    • Fixed an issue when turning off Silent Mode causing connection alerts for terminated processes to appear.
    Little Snitch - Prevent data on your Mac from being sent out - Download Video Previews

    Little Snitch Screencast - MacUpdate

    network-monitor@2x.png alert_on_screen@2x.png overview_connectionalert@2x.png

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