Mac OS Sierra 10.12.2 [16C67] Combo Update

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  1. Terminal

    Terminal  /sh-3.2# Thành viên BQT

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    24 Tháng tư 2015
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    Year: 13/12/2016
    Version: 10.12.2 Build 16C67
    Developer: Apple Inc.
    Platform: Intel Only
    System Requirements:
    OS X 10.12 or later

    Supports the following models
    • iMac (model mid-2009 or later)
    • MacBook the Air (model end of 2010 or newer)
    • MacBook (model end of 2009 or newer)
    • Mac the mini (model beginning in 2010 or later)
    • MacBook the Pro (model beginning in 2010 or later) the Mac the Pro (model beginning 2010 or newer)
    Language: English, Vietnam + Multi
    Link download: Please login or register to view links
    Password download and extract (if have): osxvn

    Apple has released the final version of macOS Sierra 10.12.2, designed for Mac users. The release took place one and a half months after the start of the pre-beta.
    The second update for macOS Sierra improves stability and compatibility with Apple computers and is recommended for all Mac owners. In this release, the developers have prepared a public correction of fundamental errors OS, as well as improvements in the reliability of a number of functions.In addition, in this release we are talking about improving security and performance improvements.
    macOS Sierra 10.12.2 OS brings more than 100 new Emoji characters of Unicode 9.0, and new wallpapers. This update fixes an error that led to distortions of the image in the new MacBook Pro (2016).
    Users Mac, do not upgrade to macOS Sierra, can do so at any time. This edition is available for free users to OS X Yosemite and OS X El Capitan. The new Apple operating system is represented in the Mac App Store, and in addition it extends to the American manufacturer of computers.Among the major innovations MacOS 10.12.2 developers the ability to do call Touch Bar panel pictures using the program "Screenshot" or keyboard shortcut Cmd-Shift-6, as well as the opportunity to put on the control strip Touch Bar button handwriting in Chinese. In addition, Apple has added the ability to install Windows 8 and Windows 7 using Boot Camp on supported Mac. Improved Auto Lock feature to unlock the computer using the Apple Watch and corrected problems with the graphics on the MacBook Pro 2016 sample. In MacOS 10.12.2, Apple removed the counter, analyzing runtime On Mac, MacOS top menu after users complained of the time MacBook Pro battery life. Now users can only see the percentage of battery, but the predicted time remaining before the battery is fully discharged.

    This update:

    • Improved customization and reliability avtorazblokirovki function.
    • Added the ability to put the band on the control panel Control Strip Touch Bar button handwriting in Chinese.
    • Added the ability to make Touch Bar panel pictures using the program "screenshot" or a combination Cmd-Shift-6 keys.
    • Fixed a bug that caused to display the character selection tool Emoji on your computer screen, not on the Touch Bar panel.
    • Problems with graphics on MacBook Pro computers (October 2016).
    • Fixed a bug that caused the system to protect the integrity of the shutdown on some computers MacBook Pro (October 2016).
    • Improved customization iCloud-folder "Desktop" and "Documents", as well as the procedure for not using them.
    • Fixed an issue with the display of the notification function storage optimization.
    • Improved sound quality when using a Bluetooth headset for Siri and FaceTime function.
    • Increased stability "Photo" program in the creation and ordering of books.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented display incoming messages in the "Mail" program using a Microsoft Exchange account.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented installation of Safari extensions, not downloaded from the Safari Extensions Gallery.
    • Added the ability to install Windows 8 and Windows 7 using Boot Camp on Mac supported model.



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