Microsoft Office Standard 2016 ver.15.29.0 (161209)

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    Year: 13/12/2016
    Version: 15/29.0 (161209)
    Developer:Please login or register to view links
    Platform: Intel Only
    System Requirements:
    Mac OS X 10.10 or later.
    • Any Intel ® Mac.
    • Recommended 1 GB RAM
    • 6.45 GB free hard disk space.
    • Hard disk formatting such as HFS + (also known under the name of Mac OS Extended or the HFS Plus is)
    • A monitor with 1280x800 resolution or higher
    Language: English
    Link download: Please login or register to view links
    Password download and extract (if have): osxvn

    Microsoft Office 2016 - Unmistakably Office, designed for Mac.

    The new versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote provide the best of both worlds for Mac users - the familiar Office experience paired with the best of Mac. If you already use Office on a PC or iPad, you will find yourself right at home in Office 2016 for Mac. It works the way you expect, with the familiar ribbon interface and powerful task panes. Mac users will appreciate the modernized Office experience and the integration of Mac capabilities like Full Screen view and Multi-TouchTM gestures. With full Retina display support, your Office documents look sharper and more vibrant than ever.

    Office for Mac is cloud-connected, so you can quickly get to the documents you’ve recently used on other devices and pick up where you left off. New, built-in Please login or register to view links sharing tools make it easy to invite teammates to work on a Please login or register to view links together. When sharing documents, you won’t have to worry about losing content or formatting, as Office for Mac offers unparalleled compatibility with Office on PCs, tablets, phones and online.
    Note: an office365 subscription is required.

    Improvements and fixes
    This update provides the following fixes and improvements.

    • Use CONCAT or TEXTJOIN to shorten your text formulas, or try the forecasting functions to help you predict future trends. For Office 365 subscribers only.

    • Find and fix accessibility issues in your notes by using the Accessibility Checker on the Tools menu.
    • Correct your typos by using suggestions from the spell checker.
    • You can find additional improvements to help you use notes by turning on "Preferences > General > Enable experimental features." Please try these and let us know what you think.

    • Trim unwanted content from the beginning or end of your audio or video files. You can also trigger an animation by using a bookmark in your media file. For Office 365 subscribers only.


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