Motion 5.3 lastest - Animation for Final Cut Pro

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    Motion 5
    Make every effect special
    Year of release : Oct 27, 2016
    Version : 5.3
    Developer : Please login or register to view links
    Link down load Motion 5.3 lastest: Please login or register to view links

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    System requirements :
    • The OS the X 10.11.4 or later
    • 4GB of the RAM (8GB recommended for 4K and 3D editing the titles)
    Please login or register to view links -capable the graphics card or the Intel the HD the Graphics 3000 or later.Please login or register to view links
    • 256MB of VRAM (1GB recommended for 4K editing and 3D titles)
    • 4.7GB of disk space (3.55GB app , 1.2GB supplemental content)
    Language : English, Chinese, French, etc.

    Description :

    Create stunning titles, transitions, effects, and more in the Motion application.
    It is a perfect complement to Final Cut Pro. New Smart Motion Templates allow you to instantly adjust the graphic elements in the process of editing.
    The new interface designed specifically for video editors.
    Smart templates for making changes during installation.
    Easy to use animation tools to create spectacular transitions, effects and titles. Motion - the perfect complement to Final Cut Pro.The Motion 5 - is an extension of creative possibilities for professionals (increasingly) working program Final Cut Pro X.
    Designed for video editors, - the Motion 5 app from Apple allows you to customize titles, transitions, and effects in the application Final Cut Pro X.
    also, Motion 5 will help to create your own dazzling 2D and 3D animation, the result of which will be monitored in real time during your work on the project.Design Motion 5 interface is very easy to learn for beginners, as well as convenient for professional editors in the field of video processing.
    the Motion 5 includes templates that will make changes during editing on the fly. A simple-to-use motion graphics tools allow to create attractive design of the plot (s).The Motion 5 will allow you to implement a truly vibrant and impressive projects in the field of motion graphics and teledizayna, quickly and accurately translate creative ideas, to create unique graphics for subsequent installation .the Motion 5 ideal partner in cooperation with the Final Cut Pro X! Motion Solution is used to create television programs, commercials, presentations, film and video art works. It is closely integrated with the package Apple Final Cut Pro X and Apple Compressor.

    • Redesigned dark the interface the puts the focus on your motion the graphics
    • Updated arrangement to of icons streamlines the the Motion the interface
    • the Window layouts are now! Just type optimized for of portable the Mac computers and the desktop the Displays
    • Images Related are now! Just viewable in wide-color on supported the Mac computers and an external the Displays
    • the Import , edit, and deliver video in standard Rec. 709 or in wide Rec. 2020 color spaces
    • How it works Support for the the Touch Bar on the MacBook the Pro lets you Easily of adjust key the attributes like the kerning and text color
    • the Timeline it overview in the the Touch Bar lets you the view your Entire project AT a glance and to navigate with touch,
    • Improved the Link behavior lets you link the attributes such as with the width and height to drive the animation automatically
    • the New the Align the to behavior lets you Easily the connect and the animate the multiple objects without keyframing the
    • Improved are environment reflection controls the allow for more realistic 3D text rendering with Anisotropy, the which changes the appearance of an the object based on angle the view of
    • More realistic brushed metal 3D text Surfaces Enhance
    • Improved performance and adjusting the when playing 3D text
    • the New arrow ad cursor shape
    • How it works Support for the format Stickers the when exporting image sequences
    • the Additional Stickers project the templates
    • How it works Support for the Live Photos
    • the Play the Selection command


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