ScreenFlow 6 - Screencasting and video editing software for Mac

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    • USD 99.99
    • Released: 01 June 2016
    • Version: 6.0
    • Languages: English, French, German, Japanese
    • Developer: Telestream LLC
    • © Telestream, LLC
    • Compatibility: OS X 10.10.0 or later, Please login or register to view links
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    Password: osxvn

    Record Anything. Edit Everything. Share Anywhere.

    Telestream ScreenFlow® is award-winning screencasting and video editing software for Mac. With high-quality screen, video, audio, iOS capture and powerful editing features, ScreenFlow helps you create incredible looking videos, software tutorials, game or screencasts, motion graphics, and animated GIFs.

    ScreenFlow can record any part of your screen or the entire monitor while also capturing your video camera, iPad or iPhone, microphone or multi-channel audio interface and your computer’s audio – all at the same time!

    ScreenFlow has won the prestigious Apple Design award for its easy-to-use editing interface, which has been updated with a new look and more controls. The editor instantly loads your recorded video and audio sources and lets you dive-in to quickly and creatively edit your video, add additional images, clips, text, or more recordings. Then polish it with professional-level animations, video motions, annotations, transitions and filters for incredible looking results.

    When you are done, use the built-in sharing to publish your video directly to Vimeo, YouTube, Wistia, Facebook, Google Drive, Dropbox or to Telestream Cloud for transcoding. You can also export an animated GIF, ProRes file or MP4 directly to your desktop.

    Highest quality full or partial screen recording

    Retina display? No problem. Capture any part of your screen or just capture everything! Our efficient algorithm enables full-screen, 2880 x 1800-resolution screen capture with brilliant detail, while keeping file sizes low. Then you can zoom in on key areas during your video to give even better detail for your audience.

    Powerful, intuitive video editing

    Easily add images, text, audio, video transitions and more to create awesome-looking videos. Add zoom and pan effects with Video Actions, highlight your mouse or anything on screen with Callouts, draw on-screen with Annotations or add iOS Touch callouts for your app demos. Also nested clips, closed captioning, chroma key, video motions and actions such as Spring, Gravity, Pulse, are just a few of the touches that make ScreenFlow editing easy and powerful.

    Intuitive User Interface

    Every so often design and function combine to form an elegant piece of software that’s easy and fun to use. ScreenFlow makes editing video easy, so users can focus on creatively telling their story. Seriously, it’s that good.

    Superior Export Quality & Speed

    ScreenFlow uses the popular x264 codec for significantly faster and higher quality H.264 exports. ScreenFlow runs as a fully 64-bit application, which improves overall performance, memory usage, export speed, and scalability.

    More publishing options let you easily share your video to Vimeo, YouTube, Wistia, Google Drive, Dropbox, or Facebook in just a few clicks. We’ve added Telestream Cloud publishing to give you even more format options – WMV, OGG, WebM, HLS conversion and more.

    More powerful recording
    • Partial screen-capture
    • Multi-channel audio capture
    • Loop recording
    • iOS Audio monitoring during capture
    • Redesigned recording count-down timer

    More Editing Control & Effects
    • New Motion Tab for animation effects
    • Improved Editing UI
    • Mute audio and video separately in timeline
    • Extract audio channels from multi-channel sources
    • New motion curves
    • Set default curve types
    • Redesigned audio waveforms

    More export and sharing options
    • Animated .GIF export
    • ProRes 422 and 422LT formats added
    • Export progress bar over app icon
    • Telestream Cloud publishing for WebM, OGG, HLS, WMV conversion and more
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    Version 6.0:
    New Features
    • Partial Screen Capture -- Record any part of your screen. Capture just a single application window, define a region, or record the entire desktop.
    • iOS Audio Monitoring -- Now you can listen to your iOS devices audio WHILE you are capturing and recording it! Great for mobile games, app developers, musicians -- anyone who needs to demo an app where audio is a crucial part of the operation.
    • Loop Recording -- Set ScreenFlow to create a rolling recording buffer so you will be able to record for hours without taking up all your hard drive space. When you stop the recording, ScreenFlow will only keep the configured number of minutes of recorded footage you told it to remember. Helpful for reporting of intermittent computer or application issues, or for use when gaming to share that big moment!
    • Multi-Channel Audio Mixer -- ScreenFlow now sees and records multiple audio channel inputs from USB mixers. Record up to 16 discreet audio channels from a single USB input, then mix and adjust them separately in ScreenFlow’s inspector.
    • Extract Audio Channels -- Now you can pull out any audio channel into it’s own track. Great for isolating audio channels or inputs inside multi-channel audio clips
    • Redesigned Countdown Overlay -- ScreenFlow will now tell you exactly what sources are going to be recorded while it counts down to start the recording. No more last minute guessing!
    • Redesigned Waveforms -- Audio waveforms are now drawn using a new implementation for better performance and more accuracy.
    Improved and Streamlined Editing Improvements
    • Updated and Improved User Interface -- We’ve added new icons in the timeline and canvas for greater control. Now you can mute your video or audio on a track independently, use a quick access pop-up to set your project dimensions, and mute your audio monitors with a new headphone button.
    • New Motion Tab for Animation Effects -- Choose from three all new motion-animated effects: Spring, Gravity, and Pulse. Simply click to apply them to your clips and create professional looking animations without the hassle of selecting key frames or writing custom code.
    • New Motion Curves -- We’ve added exponential curve types, both in and out, for more dynamic effects and animations!
    • New Video Property: Corner Matte -- Now you can easily add an attractive matte to your video clips and images by rounding their corners and hard edges using a slider in the video properties tab.
    • More Canvas Control: Pan and Grab -- You can now hold the space-bar to click and grab the canvas to move around the view. Great for easily moving small increments or inspecting visual elements in close detail.
    • Replace Clips within the Timeline -- Swap clips in the timeline without changing the overall duration of a segment or the need to re-do the changes already applied to the clip.
    • Ability to Set Default Curve Type -- Now you can choose the curve type you use most often to be your default when adding new actions or motions to clips.
    • Easier Re-Sizing in Canvas -- ScreenFlow 6 now automatically locks the aspect ratio of clips, images, and text in the timeline so you can quickly resize them without squeezing or scrunching them into odd aspect ratios, or needing to hold down the Shift key. (An option in the preferences allows you to revert to how previous versions behaved if you desire).
    New Export and Publish Capabilities
    • Animated GIF Export -- Create GIFs right from your ScreenFlow projects. It’s easy to export great looking short animations for the web, memes, tutorials or social networking!
    • Publish to Telestream Cloud -- Direct publishing to Telestream Cloud, our on-demand, pay-as-you-go, encoding service. Export from ScreenFlow to Telestream Cloud, then create as many different formats and versions of your video that you need! This enables you to make a single master copy, then let our online transcoder create all of your deliverables in one shot!
    • ProRes 422 and 422 LT Export -- We’ve added more ProRes profiles for greater control over the size and quality of your project outputs.
    • Export Progress Over Dock Icon -- Quickly determine how much time is left on your exports with a handy progress bar displayed on top of the ScreenFlow icon in the dock.
    • Version 6.0 also contains hundreds of bug fixes as well as other improvements to the efficiency of the user interface.

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