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    Year: 26/09/2016
    Version: 1.8.1
    Developer: Please login or register to view links
    Platform: Intel Only
    System Requirements:
    • Intel 64 bit processor
    • Compatible with OS X 10.9 and 10.12
    * Compatible with OS X 10.11 and MacOS Sierra ( But you have to the disable the SIP )
    Language: English + Multi
    Link download: Please login or register to view links
    Password download and extract (if have): osxvn

    Dùng Please login or register to view links để fix crash khi chạy file "thuốc".
    • To prevent errors, remove the previous version using TotalFinder Unistaller (included);
    • Start TotalFinder.mpkg and follow the installer instructions
    • In the menu bar, find the icon TotalFinder and select "Restart Finder"Run the patch (not compatible with 10.12) and in the open window of the patch (the blue button) drag TotalFinder.bundle (need administrator rights)
    The file itself is looking for the following path:
    • After treatment, restart your Mac to 10.12 Designer: After you install the original version in the menu bar to find TotalFinder icon and select "Restart Finder" folder - Programs - RMB - show the contents of the package - Folder Contents - folder - the Resources - to replace the original TotalFinder .bundle k'd on the version of the distribution, run TotalFinder and register data from a text file.


    TotalFinder.bundle can be found in such a way:
    - The Finder - go - go to the folder
    - In the search box put in place entirely
    - Click Go and you will see the desired file

    TotalFinder - a set of utilities that extend the functionality of the original Mac OS X Finder file manager. The main feature of the proposed product is tabbed browsing, which can open separate windows "explorer."

    TotalFinder application delivers exceptional performance, user-friendly interface, compact and does not require a system reboot after installation. The list of enhancements also includes additional tools to get rid of clients from a file of garbage. The program allows the user to quickly get rid of .ds_store format files accumulated in the hard disk. Updated TotalFinder also allows you to hide and show hidden files, and a new Explorer window can now be opened at any time using the appropriate "hot" keys.

    - Disabled TotalFinder's Folders on Top feature on macOS 10.12, which now offers Folders on Top natively as an option in Finder's preferences. However, Finder's implementation only allows Folders on Top when sorting by Name, so we'll look to improve upon that.

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