Waltr 1.7.0 – Convert video and music directly into iPhone and iPad without iTunes.

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    Version: 1.70
    Updated: 18-04-2016
    Homepage: Please login or register to view links

    Developer: Softorno Inc
    Compatibility: OS X 10.9 or later, 64-bit processor
    Language: English
    Includes: Pre-K'ed
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    Any Video, Music to iPhone without iTunes
    The FASTEST Way to Convert MKV, AVI, MP4
    Video to iPhone & iPad.
    Just Drag & Drop to Transfer ANY Music
    or Video to iOS without iTunes.

    Waltr is a new Mac app from Softorino (creators of iBetterCharge app) that’s designed to make it easy to upload and convert any music or video file to an iPad or iPhone format for native playback. It supports a huge variety of media file types, including MP3, MP4, AVI, CUE, WMA, M4R, AAC, M4V, M4A, FLAC, ALAC, MKV, and more. It even supports file types that are not normally compatible with iOS, including MKV, AVI, FLAC, and CUE, allowing them to be played in the native Music and Movie apps on iOS. Using WALTR is simple. After closing iTunes, a user just needs to plug an iPhone or iPad into a Mac and open the WALTR app. The iOS device and its available storage space is listed at the top of the app, and files can be dragged to the blank space in the app for immediate transfer to the iOS device. Uploads begin as soon as a file is dragged into the WALTR app, and most uploads are very quick, taking a few seconds. Once a file has been transferred to the iPhone or iPad, it is accessible in either the native Movies or Music app on the iOS device, and overall, the WALTR process is simpler than converting via a separate app and then uploading through iTunes.

    Watch a Quick 1-Minute Video Demo
    Transfer Music, Video, Ringtones from Computer to iPhone & iPad WITHOUT iTunes (2016)

    Version 1.7.0:

    • .ASS subtitles crash fixes;
    • No more limit on how many files you can copy. (i.e., you can now copy more than 170 files at once);

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