Xcode 7.3 Beta 1(7D111g)

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    Release: 11/01/2015
    Version: 7.3 Beta 1 (7D111g)
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    Source: Apple Mac DevCenter
    Platform: Intel only
    Language: Multilangue
    License: Freeware
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    System requirements (requires clarification):
    • OS X version 10.11 or later
    • 64-bit processor
    • OS X Server 4.1 or later
    Xcode 7.3 Beta 1 includes an SDK for iOS, watchOS, OS X and tvOS.
    For the development of applications oriented to the previous version of OS X or iOS,
    refer to the resource materials developer.apple.com, or in the section
    "About SDKs and the iOS Simulator" from menu item Help> What's New Included SDK:

    9.3 beta iOS
    OS X 10.11.4 beta
    watchOS 2.2 beta
    tvOS 9.2 beta

    Removal Notices and Deprecations
    OS X 10.11 is the last major release of OS X that supports the previously deprecated garbage collection
    runtime. Or features that Applications depend upon garbage collection may not function properly or
    will not launch when the runtime is removed. Should use Automatic Developers Reference Counting
    (ARC) or manual retain / release for memory management instead. (20589595)

    New in Xcode 7.3 beta - IDE

    Static Analyzer
    · The static analyzer warns when nil is returned from a method or a function with nonnull return
    type or is passed to a parameter marked nonnull. (19003620)
    · The static analyzer checks for common misuses of Objective-C generics. (21412472)
    · The static analyzer checks for missing localizability. This check is o! default and can by be
    enabled by selecting `Yes 'for` Missing localizability' in the 'Static Analyzer - Generic Issues' build
    settings. (23414217)

    Code Completion
    · Code completion provides better matches with fewer keystrokes and makes it easier to find
    what you're looking for. You can type just the uppercase letters of a method name. Typing
    "myDelegate.tveh", where myDelegate is a UITableViewDelegate, gives tableView (_
    tableView: UITableView, estimatedHeightForRowAtIndexPath
    indexPath: NSIndexPath) -> CGFloat as the first completion.You'll also get
    completions that better match your intent, so typing "myView .color ", where myView is a UIView,
    gives every property containing the" color "substring, like" tintColor "and" backgroundColor ".

    · Constraint badges Best Red Carpet in the View Debugger present values as ratios for better readability when
    applicable. (22535224)
    · The View Debugger inspector shows referenced views, attributes and values for a selected
    constraint. (22266966)
    · The View Debugger shows NSWindow size information in the inspector. (18284986)
    · The View Debugger has additional options for the assistant editor. Implementation of file The
    data sources, delegates, and the target of controls can be viewed side by side with the 3D
    canvas of your app's views. (15777861)
    · When inspecting a view in the debugger, objects with properties whose values represent
    classes such as Target, Delegate, and Data Source will show a navigational arrow in the
    inspector. Click this to open the implementation file of that class. Usual in Xcode As, holding
    Option while clicking will perform the requested navigation in the assistant editor, instead of
    replacing the View Debugger canvas. (15884626)
    · 3D rotation behavior in the View Debugger is improved. (18313502)
    · A contextual menu The user is for items selected in the Views of the Debug mode Navigator and the
    Canvas allows you to print the description of an object; focus on a view's subtree; view
    constraints on an object; hide obscuring views and or obscured by the selected view.
    · The Views of the Debug mode Navigator allows you to view the filter's address, label, title, and
    superclass. (23095363)

    Apple Watch Quick Switch!
    · IOS 9.3 supports pairing with multiple iPhones running watches watchOS 2.2. Choose the To
    Apple Watch that connects to your iPhone, use the Watch app on your iPhone. To create, pair,
    and switch between simulated Apple Watches, use the Devices window in Xcode.!

    Known Issues in Xcode 7.3 beta - IDE
    · TestFlight is not supported in Xcode 7.3 beta 1

    · Scrolling in large playgrounds may be laggy.
    Workaround : Turning o! line numbers may reduce some of the lag. (23912527)

    Build System
    · Exporting an archive for ad-hoc distribution with the option "Rebuild from bitcode" enabled will fail.
    Workaround: Disable the "Rebuild from bitcode" option. (23948219)

    · Xcode's debugger will not automatically attach to a Today extension run on an iPad Pro when
    the Notification tab is selected.
    Workaround: Select the Today tab instead of the Notification tab. Today extension will The now
    launch and may be debugged. (22495840)

    · Detaching the debugger from an Apple TV app will cause the app to hang when it logs
    output. (22493459)

    · Watch Framework and targets Static Library do not display a "General" tab.
    Workaround: Configure general settings manually in the target's Info.plist file or in the Build
    Settings tab. (22932248)

    · Sometimes debugging a Watch app you may get the error 'Could not attach to pid'
    Workaround: Delete the iOS app from the iPhone and then Build & Run again.

    · When you download an iOS simulator from the Downloads preference pane Xcode in, you may
    be prompted to authenticate as an admin at the beginning of the first download and at the end
    of each additional download. Of these authentications All are required to successfully install the
    selected iOS simulator. (22993731)

    · A simulated iOS 9.0 device may boot to a black screen if Xcode is in a di! Erent location than
    when the device first booted.
    Workaround:-in Choose Simulator> Reset Content and Settings. (22697818)

    · When duplicating a simulator in the Devices window, the simulator may be listed with an
    identifier instead of a version number in simulator Run destinations. (23094167)

    · Switching paired watch in Xcode's devices window may not switch to the new Apple Watch.
    Workaround: Navigate to Simulator (Watch) -> Hardware -> Device -> [Pick the watch simulator
    switched to] (24044656)

    · UI Recording: When recording UI tests for tvOS, presses on the button menu The user is may generate
    duplicate below code in the UI test. (22850293)

    · The Devices window displays sometimes paired watch details alongside an incorrect
    companion device. (22908731)

    · Watch apps will not launch until the developer's certificate is trusted.
    Workaround: When running a watch app for the first time (for a given developer certificate), you
    must launch the app on the watch and tap "Trust". (24096177)

    · Running an app signed with a free provisioning team may fail to launch.
    Workaround: Trust the developer certificate under Settings> General> Profiles & Device
    Management on the device. (19748857)

    Asset Catalogs
    · UIKit will not render correctly image stack layers when a layer contains a resized image whose
    aspect ratio does not match the aspect ratio of the original image.
    Workaround: When resizing an image in a layer stack, choose a width height that matches and
    the original aspect ratio of the image. (23061910)

    · Layered image file names must not be longer than 255 characters. (22974625)!

    Resolved Issues in Xcode 7.3 beta - IDE

    · Product references in the Xcode structure navigator now respect the active run destination. For
    example, if a simulator run destination is selected then the resolved path for the application
    product will be reference to the simulator binary path. (9178537)

    · When running in the iOS simulator, an app can communicate with TCP / the IP services hosted locally
    by the Mac using the Mac's local the IP address.

    Interface Builder
    · Creating connections via control-drag between multiple displays has been fixed. (14345464)

    · The Preview assistant editor for watchOS storyboards UI now displays within a realistic device
    bezel. (20399982)

    · UITableViewCell objects that extend below the bounds of a UITableView now draw correctly
    when scrolled. (23242098)

    · The option to suppress debugging View has been removed from the Options tab in the Run
    scheme. Can still do Developers View debugging using the "Debug View Hierarchy" button in
    the Debug Bar. (22636367)!

    New in Xcode 7.3 beta - Swift 2.1 and Objective-C
    This beta includes Swift 2.1. Swift 2.2 will be included in a future beta. (24099538)

    Alternative Toolchain How it works Support - Xcode now supports using alternative toolchains, such as toolchains
    downloaded from Swift.org. Using an alternative When toolchain, Xcode indexes, builds, and debugs
    with the alternative toolchain's tools instead of the default tools. Alternative toolchains must be
    manually downloaded and installed into / Library / Developer / Toolchains / or ~ / Library /
    Developer / Toolchains / to be recognized by Xcode.

    New toolchain features in Xcode include:
    · Preferences> Components (previously Downloads) displays installed toolchains, addition to in
    simulators and documentation.

    · Activate an installed toolchain or reactivate the default toolchain by clicking it in Preferences>
    Components> Toolchains, or by selecting it in the Xcode> Toolchains menu The user is. Must be Xcode
    relaunched when switching toolchains.

    · An activated toolchain remains active across Xcode launches for all of your projects until you
    switch again toolchains.

    · Xcode displays an active toolchain button in the workspace window toolbar when an
    alternative toolchain is active. Click this button to open Preferences> Components> Toolchains.

    · Control-Click an installed toolchain in Preferences> Components> Toolchains to verify its
    signature, reveal it in the Finder, or move it to the Trash.

    · Xcode Server bots can be configured to use toolchains installed in / Library / Developer /
    Toolchains /.

    Restrictions when using downloaded toolchains:
    · The Swift below code migrator only works when using the default toolchain.

    · Playgrounds only work when using the default toolchain.

    · Only apps built with the default toolchain may submitted to the be App Store.

    · Activating an alternative toolchain a! ects the Xcode IDE only. Use an alternative To
    toolchain with command-line tools, use `` xcrun --toolchain swift`` and
    `` xcodebuild TOOLCHAINS = swift``. Can provide the You toolchain's full or abbreviated
    identifier, for example `` xcrun --toolchain! Swift`` or `` xcrun --toolchain

    · Instruments may be unable to Swift demangle certain symbols or track memory using usage
    the Allocations instrument if the active toolchain includes changes to Swift's mangling scheme
    or runtime memory allocation. (23910267)


    · The Apple private frameworks have been removed from the iOS / watchOS / tvOS SDKs. Your If
    application fails to link, please make sure that you are not using any private frameworks. Use The
    of private frameworks is an unsupported configuration and applications that use non-public
    APIs will be rejected by the App Store - App Store see Guideline 2.5 (https: //
    developer.apple.com/app-store/review/guidelines/# functionality). (22330301)!

    Known Issues in Xcode 7.3 beta - Swift 2.1 and
    Swift Compiler
    · If a type Inner is declared within another type Outer, and then Inner is referred to from
    another file in the same module, the Swift compiler may crash the during "Merging Swift
    Module" build step. (22858834)
    Workaround: Compile using Whole Optimization Module, or avoid nesting types.

    · If a framework Foo incorrectly uses unqualified #include or #import directives in its
    umbrella header (eg `#import" MainFooController.h "`), the compiler an report may
    include non-modular of header inside framework module `Foo '. Correct way to The spell this
    in a public header is #import <Foo / MainFooController.h>. (23640339)

    · Xcode project ignores the setting Enable Debugging Module Clang. Is This
    intentional, as the included version of clang will produce debug information that is
    incompatible with the included version of lldb -gmodules when the flag is used. The
    situation is temporary and will be addressed in a future beta. (23707480).
    Workaround: No action is required for most Xcode projects. Scripts and Xcode Build projects
    that force the use of -gmodules should discontinue its use until the incompatibility is

    Resolved in Xcode 7.3 beta - Swift 2.1 and Objective-C
    · The Swift debugger will no longer crash when stopping in below code that depends a library Swift on
    or framework that has been distributed in binary form. (22492040)


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