Xcode 7.3 beta 4 (7D152p)

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    Release: 22/02/2016
    Version: 7.3 Beta 4 (7D152p)
    Please login or register to view links: Apple Inc. ©
    Source: Apple Mac DevCenter
    Platform: Intel only
    Language: Multilangue
    License: Freeware
    Link download: Please login or register to view links
    Password: Please login or register to view links
    System requirements (requires clarification):
    • OS X version 10.11 or later
    • 64-bit processor
    • OS X Server 4.1 or later
    Xcode 7.3 Beta 4 includes an SDK for iOS, watchOS, OS X and tvOS.
    To develop applications targeted at previous versions of OS X, iOS,
    check out the resource developer.apple.com materials, or in the section
    "About SDKs and the iOS Simulator" from menu item Help> What's NewIncluded SDK:
    9.3 beta of iOS
    the OS the X beta 10.11.4
    watchOS 2.2 beta
    TVOS 9.2 beta


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